Sprinkling Sugar in Your Garden, is it useful?

Is sugar used only as a sweeter?

Sugar is an energetic fuel, necessary for the proper functioning of the cells in our body, especially in the muscles and brain.

Sugar provides the body with carbohydrates, which are an important source of energy, The crucial role of sugar is not limited only to nutrition. There are also some very handy things you can do with it! Read on to find out more!


why you have to dust sugar in your garden?


1. The advice of a British filmmaker goes round the social networks “sugar water to help the tired bees”.

Pollination by bees is of paramount importance to us. Through them we can consume vitamin-rich foods and enjoy the flowers. Without bees, our world would be less varied and less colorful. “1/3 of the food that we eat is dependent on bees.”

Wild bees also pollinate many wild plants, helping to maintain the natural variety of the whole ecosystem. Plants are the basis of existence, food and living space for many other animals, but also for human beings. So, dispersing sugar in your garden helps the bees.


2.Grow Your Soil with Beneficial Bacteria

The Bacteria and Fungi in our Garden play an important role. These micro-organisms influence soil quality and yields. Therefore, dust sugar in your garden can be helpful, It’s a great source of energy for all kinds of good bacteria.


for more handy things about sugar, you can watch this video!


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